DCAITI teaching

Summer Term 2020

The chairs from DCAITI offer the following lecture courses with focus in the automotive domain in cooperation with the DCAITI.

You can register for the lectures with your tubIT account. Your personal MyDCAITI page provides you with downloads, your grades, and our list of open thesis topics.

We will offer this semester selected lectures as online courses. More details will follow soon per lecture. Due to the COVID-19 epidemie the start of the semester will be delayed.

You will have to register for the DCAITI courses here on thise sides, to get further details for the online lecture.

Please come back for further updates.


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
12-14   Automotive Software Engineering
Autonome Fahrzeuge
Vehicle-2-X Communication
Informationstechnik im Kraftfahrzeug
14-16 Empirical and Data-Driven Software Engineering
  DCAITI Projekt
16-18 DCAITI Projekt SIM

All lecture courses

Title - Content ECTS Date Time Room
Vehicle-2-X Communication VL, 3 Thursday 12-14 online
Informationstechnik im Kraftfahrzeug VL, 3 Friday 12-16 entfällt
Autonome Fahrzeuge SE, 3 Wednesday 12-14 online
DCAITI Projekt PJ, 9 Wednesday 14-16 online
DCAITI Projekt VAF PJ, 6 Wednesday 14-16 online
DCAITI Projekt SIM PJ, 6 Tuesday 16-18 online
Automotive Software Engineering VL, 3 Tuesday 12-14 online
Empirical and Data-Driven Software Engineering VL, 6 Monday 14-18 entfällt