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Eclipse MOSAIC is VSimRTI, but Open-Source

Starting from October 2020, VSimRTI is open-source and is distributed as "Eclipse MOSAIC" under the Eclipse Public License.

You can find the source code and contribute on GitHub.
More information about Eclipse MOSAIC can be found on

Please note, that Eclipse MOSAIC does not require a user license anymore and can be used right ahead. The previous releases of VSimRTI will work until the end of 2021 when we shutdown our now deprecated license mechanisms.


Eclipse MOSAIC 21.0 Release (March 2021)

Filename Modified Size 10. Mar 2021 24.2 MB 10. Mar 2021 42 KB 10. Mar 2021 53 KB

Utilities and Tools

Filename Modified Size 10. Mar 2021 26.2 MB

Further Information

Filename Modified Size
VSimRTI sub-microscopic traffic simulator PHABMACS.mp4 05. Feb 2014 35.1 MB

Previous Release MOSAIC 20.0 (Deprecated)

Filename Modified Size 19. Oct 2020 24.9 MB 19. Oct 2020 42 KB 19. Oct 2020 53 KB 19. Oct 2020 33.8 MB

Last Release of VSimRTI (Deprecated)

Filename Modified Size 18. Oct 2019 89.2 MB 18. Oct 2019 74 KB 18. Oct 2019 66 KB
vsimrti-user-manual-19.1.pdf 18. Oct 2019 5.3 MB 18. Oct 2019 28.9 MB 18. Oct 2019 11 KB 18. Oct 2019 8 KB 18. Oct 2019 2 KB 18. Oct 2019 30 KB

Changelog Eclipse MOSAIC 21.0

  • [T+] It is now possible to map applications on vehicles which are defined in SUMO configurations.
  • [T+] Simplified the internal road network model for a better integration of existing SUMO scenarios.
  • [C+] Implemented much faster reachability check in SNS.
  • [A+] Added the possibility to map a application on all existing traffic lights at once.
  • [A+] New simulation entity for Server applications.
  • [M-] Fixes a minor bug in the contains check of polygons
  • [M+] Added complete documentation for most configuration files to the website.
  • [M+] Added a new tutorial showcasing the integration of existing SUMO configurations.
  • [T+] Now supports SUMO 1.8.0

Changelog Eclipse MOSAIC 20.0

  • [M+] Moved main code to new public repository github-com/eclipse-mosaic
  • [M+] Changed license to EPL 2.0
  • [M+] Revised and refactored all public code.
  • [M+] Significantly improved and extended the documentation, including new tutorials
  • [M-] Replaced dependencies which are incompatible with EPL.
  • [M+] Major overhaul of configuration files, e.g.
    • - vsimrti/vsimrti_config.xml -> scenario_config.json
    • - etc/defaults.xml -> etc/runtime.json
  • [A+] Mapping configuration has been extended with new features (e.g. typeDistributions, parameter variations).
  • [A+] New API for traffic light applications
  • [C+] SNS supports most important Geo-Routing features for ad-hoc multihop communication
  • [T+] Now supports SUMO 1.7.0

Changelog VSimRTI 19.1

  • [C+] The OMNeT++ federate has been migrated to OMNeT++ 5.5 and INET 4. The federate needs to be rebuild completely.
  • [S+] The option "--db2vsimrti" has been extended and creates now further default configuration files.
  • [A+] The collection of example applications has been extended.
  • [A+] The navigation API for VSimRTI applications has been improved with new methods.
  • [A+] Configuration of vehicle types now supports the emergencyDecel parameter.
  • [V+] The visualizers can now be configured to visualize messages within a specific time period only.
  • [V+] The websocket visualizer now centers the viewport in the browser automatically to the first simulated vehicle.
  • [S-] The intersection detection in scenario-convert has been fixed.
  • [V-] Several bugfixes and changes int the command line interface of VSimRTI and scenario-convert.
  • [V-] The bundled LuST tutorial has been fixed to work again with VSimRTI.
  • [V-] The performance GUI has been removed.
  • [V+] Now supports SUMO 1.3.0

Changelog VSimRTI 19.0

  • [V+] Added support for Java 11 and OpenJDK on all operating systems.
  • [V+] A new statistics visualizer collects and aggregates values from vehicles during the simulation. Find more details in the user manual.
  • [V+] The web socket visualizer now uses the OpenLayers API instead of Google API.
  • [V+] The configuration of vehicle spawners in the mapping configuration has been improved (e.g. depart speed, lane selection, scaling traffic).
  • [A+] A model for Infrastructure to Vehicle Information (IVI) messages has been introduced.
  • [A-] A bug has been fixed which led to false configuration of ad-hoc modules in applicationNT.
  • [S+] The import of SUMO net and route files into a scenario database has been improved.
  • [S+] The new option "--db2vsimrti" has been added, which generates a simple simulation scenario from a database file.
  • [V-] The Barnim tutorial scenario has been updated.
  • [V-] Various performance improvements have been made.
  • [V+] Now supports SUMO 1.1.0 and 1.2.0

Changelog VSimRTI 18.1

  • [A+] A new simulation entity has been added to simulate Traffic Management Center applications.
  • [A+] It's now possible to parametrize applications directly in the mapping configuration.
  • [C+] The Simple Network Simulator (SNS) now supports simple multi hopping.
  • [C+] Cell2 now models handovers when vehicles move to another region.
  • [C+] The OMNeT++ federate has been updated to support OMNeT++ 5.3 and INET 3.6
  • [C+] The NS-3 federate has been updated to support ns-3 3.28
  • [V+] Improved printing of exceptions to the console output.
  • [V+] A new 3D visualization tool is now available in the commercial license of VSimRTI.
  • [S-] The export of roundabouts for SUMO net files has been fixed.
  • [T+] A vehicle class configured in the mapping configuration is now translated to a suitable SUMO vClass.
  • [T+] Now supports and requires SUMO 1.0.x

Changelog VSimRTI 18.0

  • [T+] The integration of pre-existing SUMO scenarios has been improved. However, minor limitations exist.
  • [S+] It is now possible to create a scenario database from any given SUMO network file.
  • [S-] The scenario database scheme has been changed slightly over the previous releases. Old databases are now unsupported. See conversion guide for details.
  • [V+] The Luxembourg SUMO Traffic (LuST) scenario [1] has been integrated. See user manual for details.
  • [S-] Roundabouts from OSM data is now imported resulting in correct right of way behavior at roundabouts.
  • [C+] Various improvements regarding Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) in the Cell2 simulator.
  • [V+] The GeoTools library has been upgraded to its latest version.
  • [V+] VSimRTI supports Java 9 and 10 on Linux based systems. On Windows, Java 8 is still required.
  • [V-] Various performance improvements in the core of VSimRTI have been made.
  • [T+] Now supports SUMO 0.32.0

Changelog VSimRTI 17.1

  • [V-] Fixed a bug which would not preserve the order of events in rare cases.
  • [A+] Ids for messages are now unique per unit, not globally.
  • [A+] Introduced a simplified API for sending V2X messages from applications.
  • [C+] It's now possible to define regions as polygons for the Cell2 simulator.
  • [C+] The Cell2 simulator respects the maximum bandwidth of each vehicle.
  • [C+] The NS-3 federate experienced a major code cleanup.
  • [C+] The OMneT++ and NS-3 federates now work with protobuf3.
  • [B-] Fixed a bug in the calculation of air drag.
  • [T-] The SUMO TraCI Client code has been reimplemented and is now more robust.
  • [T+] Now supports SUMO 0.31.0

Changelog VSimRTI 17.0

  • [V+] VSimRTI supports and requires Java Runtime Environment (or JDK) Version 8.
  • [V+] Now supports elevation data for nodes.
  • [V+] The file visualizer optionally compresses its output file.
  • [A+] Applications are provided with more information about the road the vehicle is driving on. See conversion guide for details.
  • [C+] The OMNeT++ and ns-3 federate can now be executed inside a Docker container. See user manual for more details.
  • [C-] The configuration of the Cell2 simulator has been revised. See conversion guide for details.
  • [S+] Added the option --srtm2db for importing elevation data provided by ASC files (experimental feature).
  • [T+] The slope of a vehicle is read out from SUMO via TraCI (requires SUMO > 0.27.0)
  • [T-] Fixed a bug in SUMO ambassador where the vehicle signals have been read out incorrectly.
  • [V-] Support of JiST/SWANS has been removed due to technical reasons.
  • [A-] Fixed a bug in the application simulator where applications received events before they had been set up.
  • [A-] Removed unused parameter BehaviorDataStruct from application API. See conversion guide for details.
  • [T+] Now support SUMO 0.29.0

Changelog VSimRTI 0.16.2

  • [V+] Added a new tutorial to the User Documentation regarding mapping of traffic lights.
  • [V+] VSimRTI now provides a global random number generator whose seed can be set in vsimrti_config.xml
  • [A+] Reworked the Application API for configuring the AdHoc and Cell modules. Please read the Conversion Guide.
  • [T+] Improved performance of SUMO coupling.
  • [T+] Configure SUMO specific parameters for the vehicle type, such as emissionClass or carFollowModel
  • [T+] Fuel consumption is now read out from vehicles.
  • [T-] Bugfix in SUMO ambassador regarding Change Speed.
  • [A-] Fixed a bug in the application simulator which did not properly simulate traffic light applications.
  • [V-] Fixed a bug which occurred when the distance sensor was activated and the web visualizer was used at the same time.
  • [S+] Added the option --db2shp to scenario-convert which provides a conversion of the database to shapefile format.
  • [T+] Now support SUMO 0.27.1
  • Please note, this version only delivers correct results (regarding headings) with SUMO 0.25.0 or higher

Changelog VSimRTI 0.16.1

  • [A+] Application API allows to change vehicle parameters, such as minimum gap or maximum speed, during the simulation
  • [C+] Revised installer scripts for network simulators OMNeT++ and ns-3
  • [C-] Bugfix in coupling of network simulators OMNet++ and ns-3
  • [T+] SUMO coupling now provides distance sensor information for vehicles (opt-in) and the longitudal acceleration
  • [T+] Now support SUMO 0.26.0
  • Please note, this version only delivers correct results (regarding headings) with SUMO 0.25.0 or higher

Additional Notes

  • VSimRTI 18.1 and below require Java Version 8.
  • With VSimRTI 17.0 the simulation coupling with JiST/SWANS has been removed. Please use the Simple Network Simulator (SNS), OMNeT++, or ns-3 instead.
  • If you want to use the communication simulators ns-3 or OMNeT++, you can rely on the provided installation scripts (for native installation) or the Dockerfile (for Docker-installation), located in the bin/fed folder. Please have a look in the user manual. For native installation, it is recommended to use Linux based systems for ns-3 and OMNeT++.
  • Please note that in order to run VSimRTI with the traffic simulator SUMO, it is necessary, that the sumo-bin-folder is in your PATH variable.
  • Changelog (Features and Bugfixes) Legend: [V] VSimRTI [A] Application simulator [B] Battery simulator [C] Communication simulator [E] Environment simulator [N] Navigation component [S] Scenario-convert [T] Traffic simulator [+/-] new Feature/Bugfix