VSimRTI Workshop

Engineering Smart Mobility

3rd VSimRTI Workshop 2013

26 April 2013, Fraunhofer Forum, Berlin.

Connecting eMobility and cooperative ITS solutions

In Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems, various aspects have to be considered: Vehicles and drivers have the opportunity to exchange a huge amount of information about the current traffic situation via cellular and ad-hoc networks. Smartphone and in-vehicle apps use the received information to help the drivers to optimize their routes and to increase safety of all traffic participants. However, one further important aspect influences the behaviour in cooperative transportation systems: the increasing number of electric vehicles.

Simulation architectures such as VSimRTI are prepared to analyse all aspects and influences appearing in the new transportation systems. For this purpose, different simulators modelling vehicle traffic, communication via cellular and ad-hoc networks, smartphone and in-vehicle applications, user behaviour, and the electrical grid are coupled together to one overall simulation environment.

The VSimRTI workshop provides an insight of how to setup and run simulations as well as discussions of state of the art methods and tools for the assessment of novel solutions for Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems.

The program features industry and research experts presenting their success stories and newest research results and an introduction to the latest features of our VSimRTI simulation environment.

Workshop Flyer

Welcome Event

Restaurant Katz Orange
Bergstrasse 22, 10115 Berlin, Germany

The dinner will take place on the eve of the workshop, 25 April 2013, at 19:00 in the restaurant Katz Orange.


Fraunhofer Forum
Anna-Louisa-Karsch-Straße 2, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Workshop Program

10:00Welcome Address
 Dr. Ilja Radusch (Fraunhofer FOKUS)

10:15Keynote 1
 CONVERGE - A new Approach for Connected Mobility
 Prof. Dr. Horst Wieker, Manuel Fünfrocken, Jonas Vogt (HTW Saarland)

11:00Coffee Break

11:20Keynote 2 (in German)
 Intermodale Mobilitätsdienste - Umsetzungsbeispiele aus der Praxis
 Dr. Jan Kätker (VMZ Berlin)


13:00Success Stories: VSimRTI User Experiences

 Smart caching of infotainment data transferred through cellular networks
 Robert Protzmann (Fraunhofer FOKUS)

 Aggregate emission control of road traffic
 Florian Häusler (DCAITI - Daimler Center for Automotive Information Technology Innovations)

 The implementation of traffic simulations as part of a new educational concept
 Sebastian Zander (Helene-Lange-Gymnasium Hamburg)

14:45Coffee Break

15:00Impacts of electric mobility on future electricity grids
 Alexander Stroband (RWTH Aachen)

15:45How eMobility and cooperative ITS benefit from each other
 Dr. Björn Schünemann (Fraunhofer FOKUS)

16:30Coffee Break and Discussions

17:00End of Workshop

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For further questions please contact us at vsimrti-workshop@fokus.fraunhofer.de.