VSimRTI Workshop

1st VSimRTI Workshop 2011

This workshop was successfully held on March, 18th 2011 in Berlin. Please visit us again in 2012.

Wireless vehicular communication (V2X) helps to enhance safety and traffic efficiency. However, the simulation of V2X scenarios is a challenge because two different simulation worlds come together here: vehicular traffic and wireless network communication. To solve this problem, VSimRTI couples different simulators and enables the simulation of the various aspects of V2X-based future intelligent transportation systems.

Consequently, VSimRTI simulations allow the analysis of applications based on V2X communication before real field tests start. The VSimRTI workshop provides a forum for discussions of state of the art technologies and tools for V2X simulations. Industry and research experts will present and discuss their solutions. Moreover, the newest research results of the VSimRTI projects shall be presented and new features of the VSimRTI simulation framework will be introduced.

Workshop Program

10:00Welcome Address

 Dr. Ilja Radusch (Fraunhofer FOKUS)

10:15Keynote Speech

 Dr. Thomas Benz (PTV AG)

11:00Traffic Simulation

 Dr. Michael Behrisch (German Aerospace Center)

11:30Simulation of Vehicle-2-x Communication with VSimRTI

 Björn Schünemann (Fraunhofer FOKUS)

 Success Stories: VSimRTI User Experiences

13:00Simulation and Evaluation of Attacks using VSimRTI

 Jan Peter Stotz (Fraunhofer SIT)

 Performance Study of a GLOSA Application

 Ralf Kernchen (Uni Surrey)

 Impact Assessment by Simulations in FOTs

 Robert Protzmann (Fraunhofer FOKUS)

 New VSimRTI Release: Upcoming Features

15:00 OSGi-based Application Simulator

 Stefan Reichel (Fraunhofer FOKUS)

 Integration of Vehicle-2-x Security Daemon

 Stefan Lobach (Fraunhofer FOKUS)


For further questions please contact us at vsimrti-workshop@fokus.fraunhofer.de.